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Okay, I've noticed that alot of little e-celebrities are quite the oversensitive immature fuckfaces...
EVERY TIME I say something a little negative, I get a "U know what? You shouldnt be puttin that shit here, cuz I dont like it and its negative and it draws away all my fans, so then I do some pot and the entire world looks like a 4 year old drew it on a sticky note, and my girlfriend runs offf with an alien and my dog gets mad at me so stop it!" Or whatever... I'm sorta parapfrasing and making fun of commercials at the same time. Anyways Not always on here but even on any other site, Gaia, IMVU, deviantART, except for dinomonstercreator, he can take criticism like a god damn man without shittin himself, but Robin Hood on IMVU, he's a HUGE dick. I told him he should probably make his character look like Robin Hood since that's his name and he said AND I QUOTE "You know you shouldnt write that crap on my page, just becuz your jealous everyone loves me. Nobody cares what you think so just stay off my home page and don't comment on it!!!" And he put a big picture of himself over my comment and blocked me from commenting. Yup, quite the prick there... Anyways it's happened alot of othertimes, like when I told some developer that I thought he needed to fix up his dark spidey mask cuz it was all misaligned and thats prob why it aint sellin and he told me yet again I quote "Why dont you not leave this shit on my page (see a pattern? Im not even mean about it, I say no disrespect and crap!) And It dont look good cuz i couldnt find a skin on the internet to use (I guess meaning he steals hgis work) so why dont you go make one yourself? Oh wait you cant! Cuz you dont know how, so how about you shut the fuck up" Okaaaay, now the problem with this is he insulted me for the very reason I bothered going through the ear rape of lil john in cell phone quality on his homepage to comment... I cant just do it myself, so I was suggesting HE THE DEVELOPER does what he payed 15 bux for to do. Im sure some of you dont know what Im talkin about and some of you dont but there ARE some nice people in the world, like superdinomonstercreator (or somthing like that) Who took my criticism that his sketches were a it unoriginal (such as Astro Kid), and to my suprise he said "You're right, I need to get back to work on these ideads, and I see where your coming from, thank you for posting" HE IS A NICE GUY, he didnt yell at me for criticism, he was very nice about it infact. I tip my hat to you guy with the long name involving creation of monster/dinosaurs or something among those lines, even if I dont have a hat... Still though even on youtube, I stumbled upon some shitload peice of crap music with lyrics something like "When my dick is in yo mouth it feels like its in yo puuuussssy" *dun dun dun dun*. I thot it was crap so I said it was crap, and some douch said these exact words: "Ayo! stfu if yaal don like dis dont post!" Now, heres the thing and I replied this to him but in more detail, and more elaborate defenitions of the words i used so i didnt harm his fragile pea sized brain: The little box that you post in is called comments, Comments dont mean compliments, they can be good OR bad so how about you dont go out of your way to be a moron AND a dickwad at the same time.... just the gist of it. Yeah you might think Im an ass of a person but the truth is i speak the truth and thats a damn good thing cuz if i say something good, that means it's GOOD not okay but im being nice, I dont lie about how i think something is, Ill just adjust how I rate it depending on how professional it is, which every person pretty much tends to do too. But umm yeah, I like to Forum RP its pretty fun and I was RPin with this ONE guy for a while and nobody else would come and then later I found out everybody on the entire forum knew him because he was the biggest flamer there, and I never knew he even flamed, so it was sorta a suprise to me, I mean if he did something stupid like skewered 3 ogres at once with a kunai, Id say you cant do that and hed nicely say or... well type oh ok sorry, and edit it out. So now its probably only me and him the entire time. Oh, and If you dont know what flaming is, it's basically this: WTF DID YOU EVEN MAKE THIS FOR YOU STUPID GOD DAMNED DIP SHIT FUCKTART?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?! I MEAN ARE YOU SO STUPID THAT YOU MADE THIS FOR NO REASON OR JUST SO STUPID YOU ACTUALLY THOUGHT THERE WAS A REASON TO DO IT?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! FUCKING REATARD!!!!!!!!! See, when you flame, you push caps lock and then make an ass of yourself for god knows what reason.